The ecology at the Cristallina is considered of primary importance to balance the quality of services offered. We identify ourselves with a natural way of life and we do our best to establish a harmonious and sustainable relationship with nature and its resources.

The Property

During the hotel's renovation in 2002-03, the expansion of the building used prefabricated wood with an internal thermal insulation made from recycled paper panels. The architecture of the building makes optimal use of the natural sunlight thanks to large, energy efficient windows.

The central heating works in wood chips while the sanitary water is produced by a solar installation on the roof, where are also installed 40 photovoltaic panels for production of electrical energy equal to approximately 10% of our needs. The ground floor lounge is equipped with a compensating ventilation system with heat recovery. Most of the beds and furniture are of solid beech and birch coming from FSC-certified forests. For our floors we chose natural materials such as hardwood flooring, native granite and linoleum. The hotel can then boast a healthy environment, manageable with minimum effort and energy with a pleasant atmosphere that invites you to leave behind the routine of everyday life.

Hotel management

Respect for the environment and replenishment of natural resources are of primary importance in the management of the hotel. We also apply social responsibility criteria, favouring job creation and the rights of our employees, the well-being of our guests and culture in all its facets. Our eco-hotel management embraces all spheres, sourcing organic cooking ingredients and, where possible, from local producers, soaps, cleaning products and biodegradable detergents for laundry and rooms, and the promotion of public transport and renewable energy sources.


In a terraced plot behind the hotel grows a garden where we produce fruit, berries, herbs, medicinal herbs, edible flowers, vegetables and legumes. We harvest throughout the year and our kitchen staff uses the produce in an array of creative and original new dishes.

This fertile space allows us to operate in the first person with Mother Nature, to know her seasons and processes in order to appreciate her genuine fruits and share them with our guests. It is also our intention to enhance the garden as a place to visit for stimulating the senses through the colours and scents.

In our garden you will find different vegetables supported by ProSpecieRara, a foundation dedicated to safeguarding animal breeds from commercial interests as well as cultivated plants threatened with extinction.